Fireplace Withdrawal

January 3, 2011

With a rare snowfall covering NC when home for the holidays, I spent a fair amount of time fireside. After a few rough starts, I managed to get pretty good at starting them by week's end.   Back in my white box in New York,  I'm having serious withdrawals from my hearth time.  Reading just isn't the same without the "snap crackle" of burning wood nearby.   Here's a few inspirations to keep my yearning at bay.

Love this from Elle Decor.  Sooooo cozy and a comfy leather chair to boot!

Another one that's well styled without being overstyled. 

A bit more fancy than the others but I like the modern hearth, partnered with the contemporary pieces.  

It's always a question on what to do with a fireplace when the temperatures head north. This home from Living Etc offers a nice idea.  Now, if only getting the wood perfectly cut to fit that nicely into the fireplace was as easy as it appears. 

The Domino gals were inventive with a nonworking fireplace by wallpapering it and adding the colored wood.  It pairs nicely with the dramatic black mantle.   Nice touch for those lucky enough to have a mantle, even if it can't light up. 

Live large, 


Henley on the Horn said...

What wonderful images! We have a fireplace, but who in the world needs one in Tampa?! Ha!

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