Decor Ideas for 2011

January 4, 2011

With the start of the new year, the annual purge has begun.  Looking for new ideas for my apartment, I tumbled upon these images.   In thinking about updating my pad, there's a few things these pictures teach me. 

#1) Have some serene and quiet moments in my home but also have a bit of glamor too.  Somehow, this image convenes both. 

#2)  Work the objects.  
Veranda Magazine has gotten on my radar more since there's new direction at the helm.  This photograph seems fresh and timeless. Love the feel of it.  That desk is for big girls only!  And don't get me started on those lamps.... Maybe it's not so much as getting new things but moving them around for new impact. 

#3)  Consider the whole apartment (aka floors and ceilings) to update. 
This last image was from a scouting trip to Nolita. It's the interior of the shop, Haus, on Elizabeth St.  It's a charming store run by blogger meets interior designer, Nina Freudenberger.  I love the chevron floor done in different shades of grey.

Lastly, is a picture of some crazy music group that plays at Union Square Station in full get up. Reminds me to bring a bit of humor into things in 2011.  

Live large, 


The Smiths in NYC said...

I will take whatever your getting ride of!!!

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