NYC Flower District-RIP

November 3, 2010

Last week, I popped over to the wholesale flower district to pick up some flowers. This summer, I bought from the green market so I hadn't been over to 28th Street between 6th and 7th Ave in six months.  A longstanding institution, Fischer & Page, had closed.  Shocked, I walked the street and felt that while it seemed that it was "business as usual" for some, others were barely hanging on.  At one shop that I have been going to for ten years, there was a "business closing sale"sign in the window.  Everything was on massive reductions.  The sweet guy who's worked there forever looked at me and shook his head. He wondered where he'd find a new job.  My heart sank.

Chris and the crew over at Fischer and Page were part of the NY fabric that make this city interesting.  Fischer and Page is where Everyone got their flowers.  On any day, you could see the city's top wedding and event planners beside interior designers and editors.  I remember having no makeup on, wearing sweatpants and grabbing flowers along side chic Carolyn Roehm who was smarter, wearing sunglasses despite the fact the sun had yet to rise.  They opened at (yawn) 6am but the guys got their earlier and busted it till noon when the whole market closed. Blaring 80s rock music, we'd select flowers from Holland, South America and some local varieties.  The guys managed to be flirtatious with the ladies and made the task fun.

It all comes down to money and it seems the block has been rezoned for residential so the businesses are losing their leases to condos.  They talk about moving the operation to the Bronx but we'll see. In the meantime, head on over to see one of the most unique blocks in the city while it's still. And don't wait too long.


The Smiths in NYC said...

I know!!!! When I saw it closed last month I was in shock too. ITs so sad. Keep shopping in the flower district, they need it.

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