Friday Afternoon Funny

October 29, 2010

Overstock is one of those sites that has a bit of everything.  I start looking for one and end up with a cart full of something else.  The prices make it easy to shop too.  Working on a story this past week,  the PR folks sent me this image and immediately, got a chuckle.   I mean, who thought of this??  Can you image sitting at your desk and creating this? Truly funny... It made me want to throw a Halloween shindig so I'd have an excuse to buy.  It'll be hard to look at a plain ketchup bottle again.

I'd get $10.49 of laughter from this.

Other takes... 

(I looked a bit like Mustard Marvin yesterday so feel his pain).

To end the week, I'm serving up these fabulous eye ball truffles from delicious Woodhouse Chocolates.  Check out their gravestone chocolates while you are at it.... so fun!   Bon Appetite!


Live large,


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