Summer Camp

August 20, 2010

The other day I got a care package from my sweet sis full of southern treats.  Now, maybe these don't blow up your skirt but I assure you, they do mine.   Here's the breakdown:

Deep fried peanuts (yes, everything is fried-if possible- in the South). This has become my sister's summer starter standby.  I keep cheese straws around for impromtu drinks party which I'm happy to report is happening more and more these days.
Grits- Shocking hard to find in NYC. Crook's Corner in Chapel Hill is famous for theirs but this is less refined and makes the perfect shrimp and grits ever.
Moonshine Jelly- Don't ask but it is a conversation starter on the table.
Ham - Very similar to prosciutto to you foodies.  Makes the perfect ham biscuit.

Her "South on a Plate" package got me thinking about sleep away summer camp and how FUN it was to get a care package then.  I don't know if kids can do that now or even care as much but I've found a box full of treats makes a girl (of any age's) day.

Live large,


Henley on the Horn said...

Wow! Where do you find deep fried peanuts? Doug might love them. I just bought some peanuts to make him boiled peanuts. Hmm.... you've given a girl something to research! Enjoy!

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