Summer bedding

August 26, 2010

Every designer knows that a gallon of paint is one of the quickest ways to transform, well just about anything. Another instant room updater is a bedding change.  Having seasonal bedding isn't about keeping up with Martha but giving your bedroom a fresh, seasonal look.   This year, I took a different approach after being inspired by this gorgeous Italian Vogue magazine bedding shot and made my Madeira hand stitched white and gray tablecloth as my summer bedding and it's been perfect. I picked it up at an Antique Show in Hamptons for $20 and when I crawl into it at night, makes me feel like I am in Rome. I mean, why not?  Large bolts of fabric could also be fun to try as seasonal bedding. It's no commitment and let's you try out different looks (which is a serious side effect to my job).

But the bedding deals are on.  Like buying boots at the end of the season to score a great deal, companies are practically throwing beautiful summer bedding at us so stock up for next summer.

Here's a few I've found:

Horchow-Every wasp's secret bedding source for deals.  An all white dreamy bed with lots of fashion details like puckering. Very romantic.  Sale ends TODAY.

Sidenote:  Keep your same bedding but order a flat sheet monogrammed to jazz up your look. Horchow's monogramming, especially on sale, is the best.   All the ladies who lunch would approve.

Garnet Hill does a fantastic job with bedding.  Great price points and different looks.  Eileen Fischer's home collection for them doesn't actually photograph as great as it is in person. It's like the perfectly wore pair of Italian linen pants.  They aren't on sale yet though so keep watching the sight.  Garnet Hill does have it's adorable dot collection on sale and it's FUN! I see this in the kids room or the guest room or the beach house. Playful, happy and a steal at $38 and up!  Adorable, right?

And what colors....

For you magazine readers, it's hard to find a home story that doesn't have West Elm's puckered bedding.  It's really every stylist's go to place because the bedding is modern and well priced.  They also have a beautiful organic collection. While not every room can pull off mauve, when done right, it rocks.  

Macy's carries Martha Stewart's bedding and Calvin Klein-both do great beds.  This adorable striped twin is from Tommy Hilfiger. Graphic and kid friendly.  

And if you've ever wanted lipstick red sheets, these are ready for the taking...

And all on sale.....gotta love....
Live large, 


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