August 31, 2010

I lived in Miami for one amazing blink and that's where the obsession started. The Delano Hotel had just opened up and Lincoln road was starting to get a buzz but the full on chaos hadn't started.  One day I had visited a friend at the Raleigh Hotel.  She was laying out by their fantastic pool.  It was art deco at it's finest and made me realize that the Carolina Country Club where I grew up was a sorry excuse for a pool.   

Love !   Love !  Love!

I'm also a sucker for Reed Krakoff (Coach's Creative Director) pool in Southampton featured in Elle Decor. Love his pool house that's both family friendly but still cool enough for adult only entertaining.  This is very hampton-eque the way the pool is set surrounding by lawn.  Elegant. 

Upping the anty, is the Four Seasons in Costa Rica.  What a gorgeous infinity pool.  I'd be happy celebrating Labor Day here... 

Another hotel pool that's gotten more covers than Kate Moss is the Pervolias on Santorini. Book me a ticket now!  Also an infinity pool, you don't even need a cabana boy with this view!

Love pools?  Dive into Kelly Klein's book which is the next best thing to being poolside.  

I'm off to swim...

Live large, 


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