Nate's hitting NYC

August 25, 2010

Yesterday, I went to a taping of the Nate Berkus Show and while I can't say anything about it because it hasn't actually hit the airways yet, it reminded me of a favorite show he did on Oprah.  It was his very first show for her in which he transformed a 319 square foot apartment into something really chic. It was great TV-transformative and smartly done.  If you want to see it, check it out here.   His tips are relevant today, eight years later.

1.  Find furniture scaled for smaller places. Doesn't mean Every Piece has to be but an apartment scaled sofa or chair is made for us small space dwellers and look proportionally right in the room. I also love because you can fit more in....

2.  2 in 1 pieces
Have the ottoman that also has storage for winter sweaters or the side table that can open up to be a full dining table when you need it (2x a year). Check out this adorable storage ottoman, covered in velvet for some va va voom to it.  It'd be great at the end of bed in "boudoir" or used as coffee table in a small living/den with a large tray for books and knick knacks.  At $258, it's a piece worth considering from Urban Outfitters.  

Since that show taped, big box stores to boutiques have wised up and given us much more from both these categories of furniture. CB2 alone is based on this sort of dweller so no more excuses for ugly furniture!

Live large,

ps.  Maybe it's the third day of rain but I am actually sad to be entering Oprah's final season. Having grown up with her 4pm segment, it's weird to think she won't be. Full disclosure is that I dont' watch her now but I like knowing she's on...I felt the same way about Cheers, Friends and Phil Donahue.  (Weird logic, I know).   Check out the ticker on that is gearing down to the big start on 9/13.  You know they're pulling out all the stops...Since she's already given away cars, maybe this year they'll give away houses...


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