Garden Gluttony

August 18, 2010

The farmers market is ridiculous these days. Overfull with delicious things, I find I keep cancelling plans so I can stay in and cook.  Here are a few late summer things inspired from my tri-weekly visits.

Perfect mesh bags for toting around veggies.  Jayson Home and Garden,  $98 and up

Adorable baskets that will  look as good in on the counter as in the fridge.  Jayson Home and Garden, $20 and up

Can't leave for the market without these as dawg days set in!   Hat Attack (also sells fedora that Julia wears in Eat, Pray, Love),  $80

These come in handy when drying farm to table lettuces like French housewives by rolling the wet leaves in beautiful tea towels.  Voile!   Studio Patro, $22 each.

Live large, 


Mary Jane said...

Francis, LOVE the new format!And aren't the heirloom tomatoes devine this year.

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