Stationery Show

June 1, 2010

I love paper ephmera and hoard it the way some girls do shoes.  I've got a box under my bed full, a wall collage in my office and  binders full  of it.  Sometimes it's the smallest things that inspire me like a matchbook or business card. So it makes sense that the Stationery Show is my most favorite trade show of the year. It always falls on the same weekend as the ICFF show (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) so you see the handsome Italians walking around talking modern design while the wedding crowd is dishing on paper stock.  You see everyone walking around.  Personalities like wedding planner to stars, Mindy Weiss, Fab Designer, Eddie Ross, editor friends and vendors who have become friends like adorable Haile from  Fontaine Maury,  talented Whitney English from Whitney English and the Marilyn Monroe of the show, Margaret Jacobs from Macbeth Collection.  

And then there's the letter press crowd...
Each stand is adorable, well thought out and artful. They have created little nooks for themselves and like beautiful handcrafted chocolates with mystery fillings, they are all unique. How they make money, I haven't a clue but each year they bring me joy to see their creative flair.

 Here are some of my favs from the show.   

Here's a few of my favorite business cards to inspire.  

Live large,



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