My Prize

May 19, 2010

Lovely, Laurie Lenfestey from Bittersweet Designs, held a drawing and I won!! Woohooo!!
I mean, I never win anything.  I never win at bingo, lotto, guess my age at the State Fair or cakewalk at church.  Never. Ever.  So what a pleasure to get a facebook message from Laurie asking for my address.
It just arrived and is fabulous.  Check it out!

Laurie is one of those women you meet and make into a friend as soon as possible. She was the first "cover model" for Country Living's Women Entrepreneur special issue so I've been a fan for awhile.
She started her business by writing notes/collages to her children EVERY SINGLE DAY in their lunch box.  Watching her kids grow up, she wanted to make things to mark the passage of time.  Each piece is unique, one more yummy than the next.  Her items are almost as special as she is.

Look at this wonderful pic from Laurie's site. I mean, could the family BE more attractive? and classic Laurie to layer necklaces to perfection. She is the definition of boho chic.

If you are ever in Santa Fe, pop into her shop and browse her lovelies.

Thanks, Laurie, for the treat. It made my day!

Live Large,



CL Field said...

Hi Frances, I follow your blog to get a little look at NY. Always fun to go somewhere you don't normally. Am catching up on reading today so...Congratulations on the beautiful necklace. I love her jewelry. I thought the brunch for one looked wonderful. Always good to eat your own cooking once in awhile, and, lastly, since you like chickens, have you seen Heather Bullard's chez poulet?

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