David Stark's magic

June 10, 2010

David Stark is at it again.   Master of imaginative entertaining, he created a gorgeous "purely paper" flower pop up shop within West Elm store in New York City for two days to celebrate the launch of his latest published work, David Stark Design.  Using pages from old books, he's created lovely faux flowers from dazzling daisies to shockingly realistic orchids to framed mock botanicals.   Bouquets of paper creations lined the shop exterior in large buckets but his magic wasn't relegated to just flowers. He paper mache garden tools, wellies and my favorite, garden hat were also on sale.    Potted plants were created so effectively that I had to look twice to confirm that they weren't actual real.   Once again, he's raised the bar on event planning. This fourth book is a keeper. 

Store within the West Elm Store.... Pop up stores are Everywhere these days. 

And yes, just like at a florist, these were sold by the stem. ....

How clever... a potted plant made of paper... Now this maybe I can keep alive....

My favorites-garden hat & watering, both paper mached. 

Even the palm is made from paper....

Isn't his cloche covered potted daffodil so fun??

Makes me want to cancel plans tonight and go cut up some books this afternoon.

Live large, 


Ps   My version of heaven is hammock + ice tea + good book on summer's day. If you can relate, check out my ivillage market report on great hammock. Several sold out immediately!! woohoo!
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Cloverland Farm said...

oh fgb! so good to see u writing! proud of u!!

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