One drawer at a time.

March 22, 2010

It's Monday which means it's time for mini-makeovers. I had a drawer meltdown Sunday.  It seemed every one I opened was overstuffed, disorganized and well, not pretty.  Inspired by my Martha Housekeeping Handbook, I conquered my desk drawer while watching one Bravo show.  I treated it like props on set where  "friends stay with friends" so grouping things together, eliminating the overabundance of writing utensils and adding a pretty liner featuring dogwood, a favorite flower.

Desk Drawer Before

Desk Drawer After

If flowers aren't your thing, Hammocks and High Tea have other fab patterns like this too....

Or check out where your only problem will be selecting a pattern from their endless  selections.  I could do 800 projects with this all purpose product. 

My favorite desk accessory is the super large, heavy duty rubber bands. It's the toilet seat saver idea... not sexy but you sure miss when you don't have...

 Here's an inspiration shot from the R&H site to get you motivated to clean up your drawers too!

Live Large,



Martel said...

Love it! I'm inspired! By the way, your "before" drawer is my "after" drawer....but not for long! Keep it coming girl!

Kristina said...

Martel... I was thinking the same thing! I thought the before was the after. I was already inspired from the before. Now, excited to go tackle mine! Thanks Frances! :)

LWC said...

Happy Birthday Frances!!! Love the blog!!!! Such great inspiration! xoxo

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