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March 30, 2010

Spring flowers. No, really. I mean it. I mean, I LOOOOOVE spring flowers. I love flowers period but spring flowers grab my heart a bit.  Of course there are prettier flowers like peonies or heritage roses. These are scene stealers like Angeline Joline and Catherine Zeta Jones.  They don't share the stage well and quite frankly, all the other flowers seem to shrink a bit in their presence.  But that aside,  spring flowers offer hope. They are the Sandra Bullock of flowers. They are the girl next door who just brings a bit of joy, happiness and before you know it, they are your best friend.  Since it's still all grey here with buckets of rain and chilly days, the bright buttery color pops from the markets and it like an oasis to this color starved girl.   Some flower shots from this weekend.

From buckets at Green Market:

From one of my fav neighborhood shops, aren't the colors like a sunset in flowers?

One sign that Easter is around the corner is the Lenten Rose showing up at Market.  

In joint celebration of Passover and Easter this week, enjoy ...


Live Large,



holly said...

I love the idea of SPRING...The thought that SPRING will come again..Even in the midst od a dark ,dreery and grey winter....The sun will eventually shine. And flowers help give our space LIFE...Thanks for a peek into your SPRING...Just found your blog today and so glad i did! CHEERS to you- may the sun be shining in your world today.

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