An hour in my life

March 31, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I live a Seinfeld episode. No, seriously. So today I took off for SOHO with my 20 year old assistant (more on her later) to do research for a styling gig.   Right off the bat, we wondered if it was "European Family Week" here in NYC as every side walk was cluttered with big groups.  Here's a picture of two Irish guys who were looking for hooters in their guidebook. Wonder if they found it?

Then popped into Crate & Barrel to pick up a few things and saw this yummy looking margarita mix. The graphics on the label caught my eye then I realized it was from Randy Gerber (Cindy Crawford's husband & Whiskey Bar owner).  Hope it's as good as it's packaged.  

Leaving the store, I saw this sign:

It took me off guard. That was the second store that I had noticed was closing on Easter.  It's weird because these places don't even close for Christmas anymore.  I think it's great.

Then off to Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams.  This sign on the door made my day:

Next onto Elizabeth Street in Nolita that houses beloved Cafe Gitane and chic Tory Burch's shop.   Nestled is a wonderful perfumery, Le Labo,  that is easy to miss.

They make the MOST BEAUTIFUL perfumes & candles.  The packaging is fantastic. It's truly one of those special products and places that NYC needs more of and less Gap. 

Walking home, I saw this odd sight-a truck with two canoes on top.  Wonder where they are paddling off to?

As I walked back home, the sun broke through after endless grey and rainy days.  Isn't this tulip tree amazing???  An hour later and a lot of nothings which kinda make something.

Live Large,



Martel said...

Makes me feel like I live in NYC again! Well said. Alot of nothings in the city always turns out to be something!!! Keep it coming! Love, Martel

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