Martha Christmas Crafters

December 8, 2009

During the season's first snowfall, I ventured out to do my first round of Christmas Shopping. Rather than go the expected places, this year I wanted to venture off the beaten path and support local artists. NYC has an embarrassing riches of street vendors, fairs, open studios and during Christmas, they are all open. Just like delicious street food (dirty water hot dog, enough)?, you really don't have to darken a crowded mall to get fabulous, well priced and unique gifts. (Ok, FG, get down from your soap box.) So I hit the Starrett-Lehigh building where Martha Stewart's Omnimedia was hosting their first ever Christmas Craft Show Saturday afternoon.  I was a bit late due to the sideways snowfall, not arriving till the last hour.  Apparently, the line had wrapped around the building of folks trying to get in.    The show consisted of a room full of MSL staffers who each manned their own table, selling their homemade items. Here are some of my favorite vendors.

Note: I was a little bit worried it would be one big infomercial for Martha and her many, many brand extensions but it wasn't.  It really was a showcase of her talented staffers.  Everyone was a "non personality" except the first vendor-Emeril. While he wasn't there, they were selling homemade cookies and candy in bags labeled with his trademarked  "bam".  What a cute idea to steal.  If any of you have a saying like Wendy Williams "How you doin'?" or Paris Hilton's "That's hot," make labels and add to simple glassine or clear bags with homemade goodies to personalize your holiday party.

Wren Homemade made these TEENSY yet adorable hair clips.  I loved how she displayed her ways in such a Martha way all grouped together on a tray. (This was messy for her as I arrived so late.)

I couldn't get enough of these pastel hued fabric blossoms.  Perfect hair accessory year around.

Athena Preston sells ADORABLE felted animals. Check out the pig will also end up on my wish list this holiday season.  She also will make a personalized version of your favorite critter. Now, that is a gift that any pet owner would love.

So simple yet elegant these felted holly pins add a little something to a fall/winter  outfit.

Ahhh.... Marcie McGoldrick Design's are uber chic yet still fine for chili and cornbread night.  She does have an etsy site but admitted that during the holidays between the craft shows +  existing orders, she doesn't update it so check back in January to see the breath of her line.

It wouldn't be a Martha Craft Show without a knitter in the bunch.  And with the temperatures outside suddenly taking a nosedive, no better time to stock up.

Quirky and unique, this crafter took a matchbox case and styled it up with a reindeer necklace.  At $45, it's a lot of look for the price.

How freakin' adorable is this plate? From flowers to carnival letters, her stylist wares are available at

Last but not least, I am coveting these children coats + dresses.  Her palette is so Martha "subtle grey and greens" and the details were incredible.  If only the designs were for Big Girls, I'd have dropped my visa.

The Show did not disappoint.



Sarah Copeland said...

I was feeling like a fool for missing the show, and am so, SO lucky to have you to curate the best of the best for the rest of us! Thank you! xx

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