Small Garden Bonanza

July 15, 2013

Come July it's hard not to get a case of "garden envy" with friends showing up with heirloom basil they grew or bouquets made from their backyard bounty.  Even Mom's taken to texting me pictures of her southern garden in its prime with gorgeous blooms each trying to outdo each other.  "It ain't right!"
Well, with gardening on the brain I want to share my latest obsession which hails from down under.  It's a terrific website called A Small Garden  and they have the greatest tag line..."No space is too small for a garden."

Here's a few inspirations from their design gallery.  If you just want a perfect pot full of somethin' somethin'... they got it. 

 Or maybe you need a chic ground covering for your backyard patio.... they got it. 

Or need to add some curb appeal to your home with crawling vines, trees and shrubbery....they got it. 

Their designs seem doable and manageable unlike the grand estates from my pinterest board which while gorgeous are utterly unrealistic.  These guys break it down into four easy steps making me feel like  I could have the garden of my dreams. 

Got it?  Ok, don't fret since you are in USA.  They offer e-design as well.  (Yeahhh!)

Live large, 


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