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February 14, 2013

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I know, I know it's soo cheesy but I sure love Valentines.  Maybe it's all the pink or the champagne or flowers being delivered but I am fully on board.  Romance is a good thing and celebrating it is a great thing. 

via Paris2London Tumblr

Here are a few things I'm inspired by this VDay. 

People Making An Effort

A friend recently had a full on seat down dinner  party in her two floor apartment overlooking Fifth Avenue.  The apartment itself is so pretty but what was really great was how she went all out for dinner. There was a champagne bucket filled and good crystal out. We had name cards and candles were everywhere.  She greeted us at the door with cocktails and sent us home with a treat bag including recipes from that night's dinner. It was truly rockin' awesome.  She put it all out and gosh, did we all not appreciate it.  It's fun to do dinners every once in a while that really are a lot of work.  Yes, you heard me all you "lifestyle experts" who say it isn't "hard" or "time consuming" cause it is.  So tonight, I am making the food myself (sorry, Citarella) and buying fun booze.  I'm polishing the silver and ironing the linen napkins instead of using cute Caspari ones, even for cocktails.  I'm going to some trouble in a good way.  And for friends I love.  So Pam Scurry, thank you for gilding the lily and inspiring me to step it up.  We loved every minute of it!

Drinks Bar at Pam's very grown up sit down dinner party last night. 

Beautiful  Flowers Really Do Make It All Better. 

I'm a sucker for flowers.  Sucker. I won't have money to buy a latte but I don't want an apartment without flowers. Just doesn't seem right.  Here's what was at the flower market this morning. 

One King's Lane's talented floral designer, Meghan Guthrie, did a nice write up on how to get a better bouquet.   Check it out here.

DIYers, here's a tip.  Take a tight picture of a beautiful bouquet like this then blow it up on your copier and wrap around an inexpensive bunch of roses  for a gift or wrap a gift in it.

People who dress up.  

I don't want my table to outdrew me.  T Magazine's video with Lee Radiwill made me want to run out a buy a real suit and white cashmere scarf. I mean, how great does she look??  It's worth watching this 12 minute video to learn more about this elegant woman. The dame oozes style.

** I once heard that being well dressed is the ultimate form of politeness. Love that.  

Neon Art

Ahead of his time, my Dad gave my mom a neon heart that sits in the kitchen and has always made me smile so this sort of art has always held a special place in my heart.    

Make Vday a month long affair and head to Times Square to see British artist, Tracey Emin, takes over Times Square with her cool neon art.  Read more here.

Via Net-a-Porter

** Check out my first Houzz Tour.  Thanks to homeowner, Lawrence, for letting me come talk it up and for designer (and dear friend) Richard Johnson for allowing me to feature it.

Live Large & with lots of valentines....



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