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February 1, 2013

The NY Gift Show just ended and it's been a week.  This picture sorta sums it up.  That said, happy to see small spaces in the news so much lately.  In case you've been hunkered down too, here's the skinny. 

Back in July, Mayor Bloomberg announced a contest called adAPT NYC to develop "innovative micro-unit apartment housing model."   The winner of "My Micro NYC" has been announced.  The winners? We all are as 40% of the building on 335 E. 27 St. will go to low and middle-income New Yorkers.  (YEAH!)  Read about it here.  

Another contest that caught my eye is  "Designing for Disaster Relief".  It's a challenge to develop temporary 400 square feet housing for family of four.  Love.  Watching Sandy victims struggle in freezing temperatures makes this one contest worth getting involved in.   Winning design announced end of Feb. 

Good read on Life Edited.  "10 Tips for  Creating a Small Apartment You'll Want to Live in." 

Good read on Etsy.  "Little Houses: Small, Hand Built, and Mortgage free!" 

You know I like to give you a new find so here's this week's favorite resource-CUSTOMMADE.COM!!

If you can't find the right size (insert anything in here) for your happy home, check out Custom Made. It's this cool website that hooks up furniture makers with customers who need something made to their specifications.  With a terrific video that walks you through the process really well.   All you need to do now is get started. 

Enjoy the Superbowl Show (you GO, Beyonce!)  Want to win "Most impressive dip" award?  Make this 47 layer dip for the 47th Superbowl.  


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