No Stuff Gifts

December 12, 2012

As an editor, I have a love//hate with gift guides.  I love seeing the new products, get excited with each find and how my favorite stories/vendors up the anty each year.  But sometimes over the course of the month, it gets to be too much.  The pile of presents, the wrapping supplies, the need to shop for people who really don't need anything.... sorta adds up to one big "why?"  

So this gift guide isn't going to be about the perfect (insert noun) for friends or family. This year it's about something else.   

Buy a Goat and 2 Chickens for a family. 

Send a girl to school for a year. 

Buy 5 holiday cards and that will buy 5 meals for house bound folks. 

Buy books for schools in need. 

Buy water for a village.  

Emergency shelter:  3 meals, 2 blankets + 1 cot for 20 people. 

If you want your gift to mean more and do more this year....if any of this strikes a cord, check out the inspirational guys from The Minimalists  great article on gifting in a meaningful way.    

Live large, 


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