Living Rooms I Wanna Lounge In

November 12, 2012

From the Urban Dictionary  
"LOUNGE":  To sit at home and do nothing while your friends go out.  

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Here are a few rooms I'd love to pass time in.

Barbara Bendix Becker and Jacob Holm Interior, South Africa

Somehow they make a girly girl color combo sooo cozy.  It's a perfect combo of soft 
colors and layers of textures.  Put on some Sade, read some Jane Austen and call it a day. 
Erin Martin Design
A modern farm house that speaks of cowboy boots and laid back weekend feasts with friends.   Chic rural style, if there is such a thing... I bet that Pioneer Cookbook lady has a room like this... 

Miles Redd Interior, NYC

This one was in Martha and is several years old  but it haunts me.  The mix of teals and greens felt so fresh at the time and bold and still holds its own.  That green sofa is perfection.  And don't you love the colored lampshades especially the teal one that matches the wall color so it sort of recedes... Remember that idea, small space dwellers.  

Chelsea Hing Interior,  Australia
Cobalt love.  This isn't a fancy schmany room but built for comfort with that plush sectional from B&B Italia and dark palette on walls and decor pieces, it screams "stay in and watch a movie, dog on it!"


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