Laugh Worthy

October 24, 2011

Lately, it's seemed design has gone all high brow and seriously or maybe it's just the conversation at my watering holes but today's post is about getting the laugh back.  Sometimes we just need some silly in our lives.  We need something in our home that makes a smile every time we see it and that starts off conversations.  I call this the wacky factor.  Here's several things that would serve that purpose well.

Ceramic pig speaker from West Elm.  Seriously, never met a pig that I didn't love and this is not exception. Even funnier, this little piggy can be monogrammed so personalize your pig and make it your own.

Haus Interiors has laugh out loud cards that can be framed for instant, funny art. 

Check out these sticky notes from Fred Flare.  It'd be way more fun to write the day's to do lists on these. 

Put some state pride on that couch with this pillow from  

Ok, I can't help myself-what about having one of these laying around to give a laugh from Regas.

Instant smile maker from Curiosity Shop.  Who doesn't want to put their pens in a monster truck holder?  Wouldn't it make writing bills that much more fun?

Live large and with loads of laughs, 



Aspiring Kennedy said...

these are all fabulous picks! i love the fork card. brilliant... and you know im a sucker for letterpress. :)

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