Hook Mania

July 20, 2011

I can't get enough of hooks in my life.  From holding towels to dog leashes to handbags to big bangles, the hook is one of those all purpose things that every home should have.  The good news is that there's a wealth of good ones out there.  Here's a few worth considering.

One of my very favorite online shops, Gretel Home,  has a fantastic collection.  Why get 1 when you can get a set of 6? Designed by Very Good & Proper, a design firm from UK, these offer a hit of color and would look great on a bright white wall. 

More hilarious hooks from Gretel Home that would be fun in a kitchen.   Who can resist laughing at these?

Anthropologie has terrific hardware and this animal hook is not exception.  Owls have had their moment. Let's give the giraffe her due. 

The Hook Lady is one to have bookmarked. She supplies a lot of stores like Ralph Lauren their hooks. I met her years ago at the flea market in NYC and have enjoyed watching her business grow.   Love her horse and elephant hooks.  

But to those of you who aren't into the animal thing, it's hard to beat her classic, simple version. 

Happy hanging!

Live Large, 


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