What does your towel say about you?

June 1, 2011

Hitting the beach this Memorial Day, I hunted around for my beach towels which I keep stored in my Moroccan puff.  They were a bit sad looking after surviving a Very Long Winter in a tight ball.  It got me checking out the different towels on the crowded beach. Like some bad Cosmo quiz or litmus test of sorts, I wondered what the towels said about the owner.   Here are a few cool ones that've found that  made me smile. 

Target's $8 star version sings "Give me a close up, Mr. Speilberg."

Not to be undone, Garnet Hill's colorful stripes are hard to resist. 

Lands' End has a subdued towel with a design to frame the person laying down. 

Still caught up in Will and Kate hysteria, try out this Union Jack from Amazon
Uncommon Goods has a "Destination" towel that serves as a reminder of a fun holiday. 

Live large, 



Henley on the Horn said...

Love all of your inspiration!

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