Take Note!

May 18, 2011

Paper lovers rejoice!  

The Stationery Show is taking place in NYC this week and it's filled to the brim with lovelies.... One paper salon that is a real treat is Mr. Boddington.   While others have imitated their designs, they really started a new look for wedding stationery and now, baby.  

Check out the envelope liners... Who wants to send a boring white envelope out when you can send one of these?

Here's one of their custom baby announcements...

Here's an example from their  ready-to-print line.  The animal liner sealed it for me. 

And for the guys, check this out....

So pick up a pen and write a note.... and do it with style. 

Live large, 



Aspiring Kennedy said...

i LOVE mr. boddington. so fresh and classic. they really do amazing work, don't they? have fun at the NSS. it will be my first one in a while to miss. sad!

mrs. kosh said...

Say hi to my Bald Guy friends!

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