Hipster housekeeping

May 9, 2011

This past weekend at the Festival of New Ideas, I met a charming young lady, Kate Payne, who is trying her hand as the 2.0 Martha Stewart.  

She's written a guide for all things related to the home after relocating to Brooklyn and being short on cash (sound familiar anyone?).  The guide hits on just about every thing related to the home-decorating, cleaning, entertaining, daily cooking and more.  Written in the same voice as your best friend when asked how to make her favorite brownie recipe, she also tosses out budget tips  like not buying commercial household cleaners but mix your own using white vinegar and water for the most effective, cheaper cleaner. Yes, I've heard a few times before but she really makes the case well.  Considering we're not out of the Great Recession yet (ok, Wall Street may be but the rest of us are still waiting curbside for a bit of action) her tips are a reminded of how living simply and with style can co-exist. 

The  Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking

and you can buy it at any of these places...

Her blog has a lot of cool info on it too. Check our her links to love and how to set up a food swap. Both are enough to make me want to cancel all my social outings this week and stay home to pickle things  It's also part of the homegrown.org site which is choked full of resources too. 

A+ Kate!

Live large, 



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