Desk love

April 15, 2011

For anyone who has spent time working from home, especially from a small apartment, the desk clutter can take over.  My apartment got so bad it was one step from Hoarders.  I got worried about friends dropping by because the amount of papers "filed" in piles on the floor basically made the floor impassable. enough was enough. So I started rooting around for storage and desk ideas.  

My fav?   This yummy look feels warm and personal but not still good functioning.  Great color combo with the peach walls, gold velvet chair and a hit of teal.   Couldn't you write bills here?

Love both these ideas on how to turn Staple's two drawer storage units that are in every office across the country into something really special.  One adds wallpaper just to the front face (top image) while the second one applied chic wallpaper to the whole kit and kaboodle.  

Looks like a good weekend project to me....  

Live large, 


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