Make it your own

March 23, 2011

Today, it's all about personalizing your life. From custom pillows to designing your own wallpaper, there really isn't any end to where you can put your own pictures or art.  One new favorite is from Case-Mate where you have a few options for smart phone covers. You can buy one of their cool ready made versions or you can get one from their artists' line like this one below from artist, Matt W. Moore.

Or upload your own picture from their DIY site to make your own creation.  

And to give you more ideas, here's a full bled image of the Cutest Dog on a custom case.  Wouldn't these  make terrific gifts?  With a price tag of just $34.99,  can't you see dog lovers or new parents or even newly weds into this?  Heck, everyone has a special photo that would make a cool case.  Happy designing....

Live large, 



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