MoMA Rocks

January 19, 2011

The Museum of Modern Art isn't just a world class museum but a place to drop plenty of cash as well.  They have a truly stellar gift shop that's worth bookmarking.  I hit their Spring/Summer preview this week to get a teaser of what's coming.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Check out this Phillip Stark chair that combines three iconic chair designs into one look.  Perfect for any modernist who can't decide which high design chair to buy.

MoMA always has a few quirky things that cause a smile like this leaf doorstop. 

Another quirky thing they have in their spring line are household scissors made for both lefties and righties, keeping families happy.

A clever clock that is practical yet cool, this number hits the mark.

Exclusive to MoMA these melamine gold bowls are expensive looking but actually well priced.  They give a lot of look for not that much.

MoMA is showcasing Turkish designed product so be on the lookout for those really interesting pieces.  They will only be available for a limited time this spring/summer so be on the lookout on the website.

Live large,

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Oh man I hope I get to see that I've a thing for those Turks.

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