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January 25, 2011

Yesterday, Liam Holt passed away. He was a lovely six year old boy who had a rare form of cancer and was way too young to die.   His story was a heart breaker but sadly, not that uncommon.   I met Liam through this mother, Gretchen Holt,  PR Director of OXO, a company that makes the best kitchen and garden products.  Gretchen threw really fun dinner parties at all the best restaurants in NYC. She brought together editors and made them friends.

When Liam was first diagnosed with this really rare cancer, she looked the illness right in the eye and fought it hard.  She learned that pediatric cancers don't receive much funding from government or private sector yet cancer is the leading cause of death of children.  She started an organization called Cookies for Kids' Cancer and started with a single bake sale that sold 96,000 cookies. Having volunteered to make cookies for this inital sale, it was truly awe inspiring to watch so many volunteers make, bake and package that many cookies.  It reminded me of what we can really do when we stop watching Bravo and take up a cause.  Fueled with deep knowledge and almost superhuman determination, Gretchen's organization has taken the simple bake sale concept and blown it up to fund new research.  

Susan G. Koman has become synonymous with breast cancer and now that cancer has a 90% survival rate.  Susan's dying wish to her sister was that she cure cancer.  Her sister has made great strides in doing just that.  Now Gretchen is on the same path to finding a cure for pediatric cancer. I remember one conversation with her when she said she had attended over 20 funerals for children that year.  As a person who can barely handle St Jude's commercials, I was shocked to learn there hasn't been a new drug for kids' cancers in over 20 years.  That is crazy.   Read about some of the kids (including Liam) who inspired the group of folks who joined Gretchen and Larry in starting this amazing organization.

Consider helping. 

Option 1)  Buy some cookies.  They are delicious, make great presents and ship nationwide.

Option 2) Consider hosting a Bake Sale.  Get a kit on the site that walks you through the specifics.

Option 3) Donate money.  Always a winner.

Mail Donations to:
Cookies for Kids' Cancer

31 Hoffmans Crossing Rd.
Califon, NJ 07830
Stock & Security Donations:

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