Hunt for inspiration

January 11, 2011

This past weekend was WinterJazzFest in NYC. For a measley $35, you could sit in one of five venues and check out the latest in jazz all weekend. What a deal... Several top acts were there like Steve Coleman and  Chico Hamilton but the real acts where in the audience.  The crowd had Personality Plus.  It got me looking for style inspiration in the club scene and in the amazing artists singing onstage.  Here are a few  favorites acts.  

Cassandra Wilson's dreamy voice is mesmoriming with tons of attitude to back it up.  

JD Allen and VisionFugitive has soul and depth and some funk.  

Nomo brings the party onstage with a high energy act. 

Without music life would be a mistake.  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Just like anything else, we get in ruts and if January is about anything, it's about busting those wide open.  This January, pick a few new artists to support, hit a club (or two), stop and listen if a musician is doing their thing.  Embrace a new sound, a new color, a new voice.  

Live large, 

ps  On the hunt for new ideas and art, I stumbled upon True Grit star, Jeff Bridges (otherwise know as The Dude to folks who grew up in the 80s) website and suprised at how great it was.  He's got a cool voice and behind the scene take on things.  It's worth checking out, if not bookmark.  


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