Worst Gifts of 2010 Award

December 15, 2010

There were many contenders for Worst Gift 2010.   

First, there was the "Mr. T in your pocket" gadget.  It's actually a keychain that speaks Mr T's famous phrases.   What I say to this?  "I pity the fool... who buys this thing."

The second contender is the inflatable turkey.  There's not much more to say to this. It does nothing nor says anything.  It's simply a blowup turkey.  Why people?? 

The next contender is the bacon wallet.  Bacon, it seems, is having its moment in the world of gag gifts. I found bacon bandaids, bacon breath mints and bacon teeth floss. One is grosser than the next.  This wallet is especially gross because it really looks like slabs of raw bacon.  Think Lady Gaga at the VMAs.  I asked then and I say now, "Why?" (again)

This one actually has merit as it fixes things but honestly, it's not 1890 when everyone had one pair of undies.   For what this kit costs, you can get your man several new pairs. Splurge, people. 

The final contender for the worst gift of 2010 is this.  Words escape me.  Who are the people buying this stuff??    Who does one give such a gift to?  All the "cool kid" stores in NYC are carrying this yet I don't get it.  At all.  I'd get more pleasure from taking a Benjamin and flushing it down the toilet.  

Santa, I sure hope I don't find any of this stuff in my stocking. 

Live large, fb


mrs. kociuruba said...

I definitely have considered buying the bacon wallet before!

Henley on the Horn said...

Just don't buy the bacon chocolate. That is truly not a combo I want to enjoy. If I can put my hands on some squirrel undies, they will be yours. I can promise you that!

The Smiths in NYC said...

jake would be happy with all of these items!! hilarious

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