Return to Sender

December 23, 2010

Last week, an envelope caught my eye when sorting through the mail.  My clever friend, Allison Dewine, a magazine food editor friend turned Whole Foods recipe developer, had sent me a card with an adorable return address label on it.  Newly married, she was letting her Christmas card recipients know her new address, having moved after the wedding this summer. Normally, I tend to glaze over return labels as a bit too cutesy for me but this was more clever than cute.  Her label got me thinking about other alternatives to make the labels as cool as the card.

Check out this chic rubber stamp as an alternative to illegible script.   Primele Studio on Etsy that run $64 each.

And another one, Paper Finger, who offers 8 different calligraphy styles to choose from at $65 a pop.  I spotted this a few days ago at Gap's Cool Hunting Shop on Fifth Avenue when hitting the Amy Sedaris book signing for her latest (hilarious) book.

One of my favorite stationery shops is Rock Paper Scissors based in lovely Franklin, Tn.  They sell a great rubber stamp for only $28.   Check'em out

And they come in a cool modern font like this...

I had one of these made when I moved a few years ago from Kate's Paperie.    One word of advise from a gal who messed up one too many envelopes, practice using your stamp and use a well inked pad.  You just need a few dry runs to make a pretty stamp.

Live large,

ps. Thanks, Dewine, for the inspiration!


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