Gettin' Thanksgiving Ready

November 22, 2010

Autumn is showing us her finest hues while old man winter is trying to elbow in.  It's Thanksgiving week so my attention is on the Big Day.   I lucked out and not actually hosting this big culinary feat but joining the family (like so many others)  in a potluck of sorts. This year, instead of assigning dishes to bring, we're all bringing what we love to eat most on that day.  The host will do the turkey (thank you, sis!) but for the "what to bring" part, it's hard to narrow down.  I'm a side dish girl, preferring the scalloped oysters, cranberry sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts to a hunk of turkey meat.  And let's not forget about dessert.  Perhaps it's unAmerican to admit but I don't like pumpkin pie-at all, in fact.  And flying in the night before means getting access to an already busy kitchen so it's mail order pies for me.

My recommendation?
Red Truck Rural Bakery

Based in Virginia the crust is "slap your mama" good and no one will be the wiser that you didn't make it.
I'm thinking a classic apple pie and the double chocolate moonshine cake will make the meal.

Another favorite?  Caroline's Cakes where the caramel cake is southern classic.  $45 may seem steep but it will feed you and family of 20 all weekend long or be refrozen for later entertaining.  If this doesn't please your mother -in-law, well, I can't help you.

With the food taken care of, I'm thinking it's good to bring a little something silly.  Sometimes, families need a bit of help to get the laughter going.  Getting the gene pool together all in one room usually leads to some fireworks.  Like Jerry Seinfeld said, "There isn't such a thing as fun for the whole family."

So with that thought in mind, these adorable pilgrim themed hats add a touch to the tablescape and elicit a giggle.  The pilgrim hat kit from Paper-Source makes 3 hats for $14.  Can't wait to see the guests trying these numbers. (The lady hat reminds me of Kelly McGillis in Witness.)

After the Thanksgiving weekend is over, and it's time to send a note of gratitude to the brave one willing to allow us all in her home. This adorable mug meets post card would serve as an unexpected thank you note. From Bailey doesn't Bark (no relation) mug in gift box is $52 and pen's included.

Live large, 


Henley on the Horn said...

Save me a piece of your caramel cake.Did you know that is a family FAVE for my side of the fam?Papa has it EVERY year for his bday.

One Eleven Main said...

Give your sis a kiss for me! We are headed to Richmond where I am bringing, yes, a Caroline's Cake...but I chose Terrance the Turkey in Choc Buttercream - it is absolutely the cutest thing you have ever seen! With cupcakes to match, any chance you can get to Moore County soon! - Betsy

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