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September 8, 2010

With every group starting back up after the hiatus of summer, the social calendar is mite busy.  Hosting in a tiny studio makes the hostess be as ruthless at "editing" her menu & guest list as a Vogue stylist with the nimbleness of a Cirque de Soleil performer. So I'm always on the prowl for easy ideas to create a fun experience for friends. I mean, let's face it,  things can get boring for all if you don't change it up a bit....While having breakfast at the Ace Hotel (put on your hit list if you haven't already),  I got this adorable granola at the Breslin Restaurant and thought what a great idea to knock off.  

Name tags + Cellophane Bags (they sell these at The Container Store) + Yummy Granola.  

Recently, a work colleague was coming over for lunch so I created a setting inspired by a massive closet clean out session. I cut placemats out of old wallpaper remnants to serve as our placemats and paired it with modern shaped dishware.  Add a touch of whimsy (ceramic bird and flower salt shaker of my Grandmother's) and I was ready.  Note: The wallpaper was rolling up so I used double sided tape to affix to the table.  Nothing is better than using something you love (wallpaper sample) in a new fresh way.   Since there were just two of us, we sat at my "office" desk (also known as the dining room table) and it worked perfectly.  

Live large, 


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I'm ready for din-nah in November!

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