Doll house dreams

September 28, 2010

I remember it like yesterday. I was in 3rd grade and wanted, more than anything in the world, to get the Barbie Dream House for Christmas.  I didn't care where it came from-Santa, Mom or whoever, I wanted it so badly I dreamed pink for a week leading up to the Big Day. Then Christmas morning came and sure enough, my pink castle wasn't under the tree. I got over it but still remember what it felt like to want something so badly.

Truth was the Barbie craze only lasted that year and I now can't remember why I felt so strongly.  (That same Must Have feeling now happens with beach houses, cocker spaniels and flights to places far away.)  So all this came flooding back to me when I stumbled upon this modern take on the Barbie classic at the New York Gift Show.

Isn't this hilarious?  Created by two men, no less, it's a midcentury modernist dream for all those little Charles and Ray Eames growing up today.  Lucky suckers....

Emerson House, $299 at Brinca Dada.

Live large,


Henley on the Horn said...

Had I known about you not getting the Dream House, you could have come over to play with mine!

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