Blanket Bonanza

September 30, 2010

It's another rainy, grey day and London is no where in sight.  Not sure what is going on (Sam Champion, please report in) but blankets and cups of tea are the order of the day.  Blankets are on my mind and ideas on where to get the next one.  I collect them from all over-Ireland, England, Morocco and love how they add a hit of color and pattern to the mix.  I'm always on the hunt for more, as they make a perfect prop.  Whether stacked in a basket by the TV, graced over a bed,  layered on a sofa or used as a tablecloth, they've served me well.   All the "big boys'- West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, have some sort of chunky blanket under $75 that looks like your grandmother made it and they are great.  But this roundup is about heritage blankets, ones you'd pass down.  Here are a few I've got my eye on:

Vintage and pricey but so lovely

This classic throw we've all seen show up in magazine spreads is actually over hundred years old! Pendleton (family owned company for over 140 years), created this design for Glacier National Park. 
$160 and up, Pendleton 

Swan Island Blankets keep me up at night.  Martha Stewart did a story on the family owned business years ago which put them on my radar but seeing the product at the New York Gift Show sealed the deal. It was love at first touch.  They herd the sheep that make the wool then weave the blankets as artists; they are exquisite. Considered this a future antique... something that you take through life no matter what.  

A new find for me is the Sefte Living blankets.  Made with organic cotton by artisans in Peru, they help to fund finance schools there.  I especially love this one. Who knew crochet could be so chic?

Contact them for the pricing, Sefte Living

Bundle up and enjoy this last day of September.  

Live large, 



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