Nothing nicer than nautical-Day 3

July 21, 2010

So maybe your stuck in the office instead of beachside like some other lucky ladies & gents.  Put on the beach boys, grab a frappe and send off a few notes on this adorable nautical inspired cards.

Simple yet striking. Worth .44 stamp.  From one of fav stationery companies, Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Another simple card that's fun..These would even be cool framed as wall art. You get 4 designs and 8 letterpress cards for $18... From Set Editions

Or feeling crafty? Break out this anchor rubber stamp and make your own card or post card. Heck, don't stop there... add to cups or napkins... to paper places... on paper bags.. .. sail away with the idea (ha! couldn't resist).

Or have fun with Yellow Owl Workshop seascape stamp set.  You can create your own sunny day at the beach.

Live large,


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