From seeds to something

May 3, 2010

This Christmas, I received a lovely package of heirloom seeds and after admiring them, promptly put them away.   A few weeks ago,  when the gray looming skies from winter continued over the City, I pulled them out, itching to move spring forward.  Having never planted seeds outside of elementary school, I wasn't quite sure what to do with them. The seeds were given as a gift and didn't have any planting instructions or even what they were but I was game for trying.

I googled "starting with seeds" and found out that I was suppose to put them on top of some dirt then cover and let germinate in a dark, warm spot.  I had just made deviled eggs so I filled the egg carton with dirt, put seeds on top, covered with the egg carton top then put on top of my refrigerator where I immediately forgot about them.  The night before Easter, I am pulling out dishes and find this strange item with green leaves sticking out.  I couldn't believe it-the germination part had worked.  (Why had I thought this was so complicated?)  The same excitement I got in grade school returned, giving me a ridiculous sense of accomplishment.

My window sills have always had some assortment of herbs but I did it the lazy (more expensive) way and bought mature plants.  I get northern light which lasts a good portion of the day so replanting the seeds into a pot with more room and hope for the best.  It's joining a few other plants- lemon balm, mint and basil  in the window sill plant party and  I am rooting them on!

Still unsure what is coming but the anticipation can't be beat.

Wish  me luck as my thumb is only pale green.

Live large,



Henley on the Horn said...

I love it! I can't wait to see what you grow! :)

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