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May 13, 2010

I have a secret obsession. I love chickens And their lovely coops. 

My namesake lived on a rural farm in NC and raised chickens who produced the prettiest bluish green eggs which I loved as a child. Maybe it's something in the DNA or maybe it's the utter enjoyment of farm fresh eggs from factory knockoffs but I am a convert.  

Chicken coops are now popping up everywhere in Brooklyn backyards to suburban cul de sacs.  Here's a list of a few happening around the USA.  Hope one is near you:

Tour d'Coop in my hometown, Raleigh-May 15, 2010
Backyard Chicken Coop Bicycle Tour , Alameda (San Francisco) near their great flea market!!-May 16, 2010
City Chickens Coop, Tuscan-May 23, 2010
Slow Foods Coop Tour, Spokane-June 6, 2010
Tour de Coops, Salt Lake City-June 27, 2010
Tour de Coops, Portland- July 24, 2010
City Chickens Coop Tour, Seattle-July (Date TBA), 2010 

Funky Chicken Coop Tour, Austin -  This just passed but earmark it for next year. I have found that whatever Texans do, they do it fully.  April 3, 2010
Chicks in the City Tour, Atlanta-April 25, 2010 Ditto for Georgians.   Expect big hair & big coops on this tour. 

Here are 2 coops designs that I love. 

From Chicken Cribs, love the fun colors and modern design but it doesn't feel too modern.  $439 and up. 

From Handcrafted Coops, this is a cool space efficient coop made from sustainable materials.  $499 and up. 

For NYC dwellers, check out the City Chicken Meetup Group for helpful info & commandry.  

Live Large, 


Solar Rock said...

Hi Frances,

I just wanted to give you a quick update for this post. I organize the coop tour here in Tucson (not Tuscan), Arizona. We call it the City Chickens Coop Tour and it is not happening on May 23, 2010. We held our first tour last May 23rd (2009) and then moved it to a fall winter event. Our second tour was December 9, 2009. Our third tour will be sometime this coming November/December (exact date TBA).

Thanks for publicizing our coop tour. Glad to see how many other cities are doing them now.

Take care,

Torey Ligon

Debbie Dusenberry said...

I have to share this:

Cloverland Farm said...

scroll down to check out the coop our friends in So Cal built. love it.

Sarah {edible living} said...

OMG, I'm all over the chicken coop tour. Let me know when one comes to NYC and I'll be your date. I'm dreaming of three little hens {since I just learned they are social creatures and you're required to keep three at a minimum} in a little country cottage upstate.....

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