Soap that won't scare your guests

April 7, 2010

This week's mini make-over involves one very sad bar of soap.  

This soap is incredible. I got it for a few euros in the market at St.Tropez last summer. The lavender scent is so strong that it stays with me all day. It has lasted almost a year and has this incredible texture that exfoliates yet moisturizes. It is truly fantastic soap.  

That said, it's like the ugly kid in the classroom that only the mother thinks is beautiful. I imagine that friends coming over and want to wash up might cringe at seeing such an item. I know that I do when I see a dirty, used bar.  Slightly late to the "get green" party, I was aware of the Method line of products but didn't fall in love with them till this year.  Their non-toxic hand wash is THE BEST I have ever used. My favorite scent is flower water and at $4 a pop (or $2 at Target), it lasts forever. This is an unpaid product testimonial.  I love this stuff. It literally makes me happy to wash my hands.  The scent is lovely and real smelling, not like the artificial smells in other products.  The other scents are fantastic too (french lavender, sweet water and fresh mint are close seconds but nothing tops flower water).  

Other hand soaps that make me smile are:

J. R. Watkins natural liquid hand soap.  This old fashion apothocary has been in business since right after the civil war.  They've got that retro design down and the scents are easy on the nose. I have lemon scent in my kitchen and it does the trick.  The only draw back is It's slightly more expensive, $7.49 a bottle.  

Mrs. Meyers (named for the company's mother) also has a fantastic product.  She, like Method, also sells the liquid soap refills so you don't have to keep buying the bottle.  Her scents step out of the box a bit. My fav?  Basil or the Geranium.  At $4 a bottle, it makes a welcomed update from the dirty Dove bar.  

So today I am making over the bathroom soap with a new bottle of Method's flower water. That fabulous french bar will join me in the tub where guests won't have to face it.  I can live with that. 

Live Large, 



LWC said...

I want the st.tropez soap?! where can I get it???!!! :)

pagemullins said...

Hey Frances! It's Page- Lauren showed me your blog and I've been reading ever since. Just wanted to let you know I'm a reader!

Have you seen the new Caldera line for Target? I've read about it on a few other blogs. Need to get to Target and check it out...

Cat said...

It is not what is on the outside but the beauty with in...guess that applies to bars of soap too! :)

Debbie Dusenberry said...

Frances, Welcome to the blog world! I was sorry to hear you left CL but happy for your new ventures. Best of luck!

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