St. Paddy's Day!

March 17, 2010

The city is suddenly full of green people. Not martians but honest to goodness painted green people.  Some wear hats with "Irish Diva" on them. Others are loaded down with shamrock necklaces and whatever green shirt was in their closet.  New York City rocks on St. Paddy's Day and has since 1762 when Irish soldiers first marched.   In fact, we host the world's largest parade (who knew??) with clans lining Fifth Avenue.   It's like the whole city is Irish.  Only the infamous Gay Pride Parade and Puerto Rican Day Parade offer as many good people watching opportunities.  And it starts early.

Beer at breakfast? 

What a Crew... I meant, Clan!

Inspired by the revelry, I'm having a "should've, could've" moment, wishing I had pulled off an Irish Dinner Party.  Here's what I would've done. 

Dark delicious bread cut in triangles and layered with smooth Irish butter and topped with smoked salmon. 

Shepherd's Pie and side salad served with Guinness and Cider. 

A cheeseboard featuring Irish cheese and Irish Coffee

OR I would make something fantastic from the delightful book, "Supper for a Song: Creative Comfort Food for the Resourceful Cook by Tamasin Day-Lewis (yes, sister to that HOTTIE Daniel).  Besides having one of my favorite sayings as the title, it is well timed for the recovering economy. She teaches  how to use what we have in our pantry to create yummy meals. It comes out 3/23 but the I was privy to the galley and really blown away.  

I end this St. Paddy's Day with a toast to you readers with a favorite Irish  saying "As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction."

Live Large, 



Henley on the Horn said...

Love it! I know there were some sights to be seen today. I saw a woman in a HHI Target in a very classy green outfit. She bought every piece at thrift stores for $1-2, including her green dress. I wish I had taken her pic. Pretty fabulous! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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