Dreaming of Summer

March 10, 2010

March is the month that truly separates the northerners from the southerners here in Gotham City.   Southerners start to yearn for spring that has sprung down below while NYC still looks like this:

and this....

While I am dreaming of this...

So I wondered down to the Lower East Side today to hit Luke's Lobster. 
It's a tiny spot decked out with every nautical decorating cliche but that aside, the limited menu is simple and delicious and well priced ($4 for mini or $7 for whole shebang).    My fav is the shrimp roll. Their key? The bun is buttered and lightly toasted and full of  fresh, glorious shrimp straight from Maine.   It tastes like summer. 

While usually a localvore and advocate of eating in season, this sandwich makes me feel like I am headed down to Wrightsville Beach with my high school girlfriends instead of off to work in a Very Gray and Cold City.  Toss in some great chips; add sweet tea or chilled Pinot Grigio and you're set for an easy supper for friends.  Hum...inspiring...

Luke's Lobsters
93 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 387-8487

Other NYC favorites for lobster rolls:
Pearl Oyster Bar
Mary's Fish Camp
The Mermaid Inn

Live Large, 



Henley on the Horn said...

YUM! that looks delicious. We'll have to go next time I come to visit. I love a good crab cake sandwich.

Ben said...

Hey Frances,
Ben from Luke's here. Thanks for the kind words! I wanted to ease your conscience and tell you that you were eating in season! Maine shrimp season runs from January through March, and it's wild caught and sustainably harvested. It comes from Casco Bay off of Portland, which is only about 315 miles from NYC.
Say hi next time you stop in!

CC said...

Frances I can't wait to go to Lukes with you! CC

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